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About Tallyrand Industrial Systems, Inc.

A Letter From the Founder

Dear Flying Cut-Off User,

Peter F. Hartshorn, FounderI am pleased to introduce our latest product information for our Flying Cut-Off control Systems. It is gratifying that Tallyrand’s continued commitment to excellence in our product and in our service has earned us this distinction—since our founding in 1975, Tallyrand Industrial Systems, Inc. has designed, built, and installed more flying cut-off control systems than any competitor. As the major pioneer in this field, our engineering staff has nearly 100 years cumulative experience in this area—engineering experience we are continually using to solve the many challenges which can arise in this industry.

If you are not currently using a Tallyrand Flying Cut-Off System in your metalworking operation, we hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the answers you find here. If you are a Tallyrand user, kindly take note of our newest developments, and file this information for the time when you need to update or expand your current operation.

Please don’t hesitate to call us should you have any questions.

I wish you profitable metalworking!

Peter F. Hartshorn