Linear Electrical Servo Actuator

Linear Electric Servo Drive

The TALLYRAND LIN.E.AC provides precise servo control of linear motion in harsh industrial environments. Initially designed for use with TALLYRAND Flying Cut Off Systems, the LIN.E.AC may be used in many, equally demanding, cut to length applications.

The LIN.E.AC has several of the characteristics of a servo-controlled cylinder while being purely electrical in operation. It is easier to install than a hydraulic cylinder or other electric drive.

The LIN.E.AC uses an electric motor which is geared to drive the output shaft in a linear direction.

The LIN-E-AC is available in various stroke lengths (under 1 – 15 feet) and fractional to 20 horsepower.

The shaft speed and position are measured with an incremental encoder driven from the motor shaft.

The LIN.E.AC also includes up to four proximity switches which may be adjusted over the full range of movement of the output shaft.

The output shaft is fitted with both a rod scraper assembly and a shaft seal. All other components are fully enclosed.

Being completely self-contained and enclosed, the LIN.E.AC is easy to install and can even be moved from one machine to another. All parts are readily accessible by removing the rear cover plate. Once installed, no adjustments are required for normal operation. The complete package provides a simple and economical solution to many servo drive applications.

The LIN.E.AC can be provided with mounting flanges and brackets designed for your machine.

Dimensions subject to change without notice. Request installation drawings from the factory.

We will recommend and/or supply external shock absorbers for the load when needed.

Maximum Stroke: 15 Feet
Maximum Power: 20 Horsepower
Maximum Speed: 600 Feet Per Minute


Various types of Servo motors and speed reducers are available, or we can supply the drive without either , or with mounting holes for your speed reducer.

Hydraulic Servo Drives

Most suitable for high shock loads, dirty enviroments, and high cuts per minute. Tallyrand also supplies power units for use with hydraulic servos.

Tallyrand also supplies Ballscrew and Rack and Pinion Drives.