Cut Offs

flyingcutoffWhether your needs are for Controls, Retrofits, Rebuilds, or complete Cut Offs, we can help:

Rotary Cutoffs
Rotary Cutoffs offer chipless cutting with minimum I.D. reduction.

Flying Cutoff in Action

Single and Double Blade Shear Systems

Shear Blade Systems are most suitable for high mill speeds and high cuts per minute. As a result, recut operations can sometimes be eliminated. A variety of shapes can be cut. Cuts may be dimple free with the use of a second blade.

Hydraulic Shear systems are slower than the above, but are sometimes lower in cost.

Blade cut-off systems are fully automated systems allowing the operator to remain clear of the cutting system during operation. Safety doors, which disable the system if opened, and emergency shut off safety systems are fully in place. Our commitment to workplace safety has earned Tallyrand customers the confidence of knowing their product is dependable in operation while ensuring the safety of their workers.

Flying Saw Systems
Flying Saws are relatively low in cost, can provide clean cuts, and can be used on a wide variety of shapes and materials. Flying saw systems are outfitted with the same safety mechanisms as all other Tallyrand products, allowing a safe and productive work environment.flyingsaw5

Roll Feed Retrofits
We buy and sell used Cut Offs and Controls

Tube Handling and Stacking Equipment

By using Tallyrand Accelerators (such as our LIN-E-AC) and Control Systems with your flying cut-off, we guarantee you will have increased blade life, lower maintenance, increased control and increased productivity!
Controls and Machinery are custom designed to meet your requirements.

If your budget will not permit a new Cut Off, see us, we can Retrofit your existing Cut Off for better productivity or supply a rebuilt Cut Off with the latest controls.

If you would like more information on any or all of our products, or you would like one of our representatives to give you a phone call, please contact us or fill out our online Questionnaire.