Horizontal Measuring Wheels

Horizontal Measuring Wheel

mwThe Horizontal Measuring Wheel uses equal area cylinders for no net load on the tube.

These equal area cylinders allow the tube to move left, right, up, and down, preventing bending of any type to the source tubing.

The Horizontal Measuring Wheel is normally places right after a striating roll.

The Horizontal Measuring Wheel is used in all type of tube cut-off systems, including the Blade Type, Flying Saw, and Rotary Cut-Off Systems.

The measuring Wheel will also prove useful in several Recut Systems.

All Tallyrand Measuring Wheels transmit encoder output to your Tallyrand Control System, allowing you to monitor the exact performance of your system. All control arms and guide rods can be opened and closed from your control console, letting the operator make any necessary adjustments.