Rollforming Controls

Standard PLC Console

The Standard Console is well suited to meet the requirements of today’s most sophisticated cut offs. It includes a PLC for greater versatility.

Most functions and displays are color touch-screen controlled.

There are six easily accessible screens as follows:

Accelerator Control

Includes start, stop, auto, manual, jog forward, jog reverse, test cut, and indicators for auto enable and length error.

Batches of different lengths can be set up. For each batch, the display shows lengths, pieces required and pieces completed. The control can be set up for a line stop after either batch or not at all. Consoles designed for more than two batches are available. Lengths are 5 digit with increments of .01 inch. Metric versions are available.
(Custom Consoles ….Don’t see a console that will fit your space… Check out some of the consoles we have custom designed.)
Length Calibration

Length calibration (measuring wheel compensation) is set by comparison of actual measured length with desired length. Slug width compensation is also set on this screen.

Typical Cut Off Settings

Spray duration, dump delay, grease duration, dump duration, cycles/grease, press slow down time, start cut delay.

Other controls include: On/Off and Stop for the motor.

Displays show: Line speed, reverse over-travel, forward over-travel, start position and cut complete.

Other functions include: A line speed simulator which allows setup of the control without running the line.

Encoder tester and a total pulse count (measured length) readout.

PLC outputs are provided for customer’s use to signal the following conditions:

Piece Dump
Line Stop
Start Cut

Typical Cut Off and Dump Controls and Indicators

Start, stop, off (clutch), jog, single stroke, auto, ready, e-stop, reverse, manual spray and manual grease. For the dump table- dump front, rear and manual dump. Indicators for the guard and tube fold up. Various scrap cut controls are available.

There is also a top dead center and die return control. This uses an encoder for precise actuation and stopping.

Typical Cut Off Alarms and Indicators

Die home, cut off home, clutch hold, pressure, temperature and coolant, grease level, pressure and flow, lube flow and level, carriage oil spray level, butt weld, and tube fold up.